Friday, October 07, 2005

Just trying to relax

Okay-I am trying to make this my motto now. Don't worry, just be happy. My mother gave me a pep talk the other day. Instead of protecting my heart from disappointment I am going to pray for a miracle and believe that it will happen. I am praying that our referral will come at the end of the month like we had originally planned. If it doesn't, I will deal with that when it happens, but for now I KNOW God answers our prayers and can perform miracles so that is what I am counting on! You go God!

Yesterday was a sad day for our community. A fifth grader from Morgan's school was killed while riding her bike. Morgan has been very sad today and said it was really sad at school too. I was very anxious to see Morgan this afternoon and just hold her on my lap. It sure makes my problems seem very insignificant right now.

LISA IS IN LABOR!!! She has been in labor since 1:30 am and we have not heard much else. Hopefully when we get up in the morning little Nolan Michael will be out and waiting to meet his family! WHoo Hoo!

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