Wednesday, August 31, 2005

February's Referrals

Here they FINALLY come. The February referrals are on their way and should be here tomorrow or Friday. The cut off is suppose to be February 25th. So-not only did they NOT come early, they are not going to include any of March. Bummer.

My little baby (picture to the right) will be a mommy in about 6 days. She is getting quite pudgy. I can lay my hand on her tummy and feel the babies kicking. I am hoping for 3 pups but will be satisfied with 2. If she only has one, I threatened to ship her to the pound. (I told her I was just joking-can't stress her out right now.) Anyway, three pups would help fund my trip to China. I already have 2 sold if she has them.

I just signed up for a new swap. This is called the alphabet swap. I have to come up with $1-$2 gifts that start with either O or S (Olivia's initials). Last month they had a B swap for baby. People sent things like bibs, booties, bows, board books, baby rattles etc. Soooo if anyone out there has a real creative idea for me please let me know. I have to send out 27 items so I need to get busy. I could also do L (for Livi-nickname). HELP!!! This is like a baby shower swap so it should have to do with kids.

I will post the referral results on my website page "The Wait". Well I should be down to two months left of the wait. Then we will start a new wait for travel.


Monday, August 22, 2005

On his own...

He is off to college. Mike and I got back yesterday from our looooong trip down south. The Hesston campus is beautiful, Evan's room was really nice it was HOT there. Over 100 degrees. Seriously though, it was a great place and I felt really good leaving Evan there, knowing he will do great. You can check out his campus: It will take some getting used to at home though. Last night I did a mental roll call of my kids like I normally do. In my mind I knew Evan was not at home, but my first thought was "I wonder what time Evan is getting home." It took a second to remember he wasn't coming home.

Nothing new on the "Olivia Watch". Referrals rumors are running wild again. People think they may come next week and include all of February. But-they are only rumors.

My friend, Cassie, is leaving on Wednesday to pick up her newest (and 2nd) daughter from China. I am so jealous. Excited but jealous.

I am getting really tired of this wait. It is sooo draining. I am almost getting to the point that I don't even care anymore.

Annie is getting FAT! I am hoping for 2-3 puppies. That will help fund our trip. Poor thing though. Only 2 more weeks.

Well I hope to write soon with more news.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

More babies on the way

My baby is going to have babies! My little yorkie, Annabelle (Annie) is due September 6. Now in this picture she is just a baby herself. She is now 1 1/2 years old and all of 4 pounds. I am hoping she has 2-3 puppies. I am looking forward to the upcoming births as it will give me something to focus my attention on besides waiting for referrals. By the time the puppies are weaned and ready to go to new homes, it will be just about time for Mike and I to head to China.

We take Evan to college this week. We are leaving on Thursday evening after my bus route and driving all night to Kansas (15 hours). Evan and I went shopping today to buy the last few necessities that he needed. I still can't believe my first baby is going to college. There were some days I never thought the time would come but now it seems to have just flown by.

Morgan, Katie and I start back to school on Tuesday. That is 1 day away! This summer has gone quickly.

One of the women on my March Moonbeams group has become a new mommy. Her husband is in China right now with their new little 18 month old, Delaney. She stayed home because she couldn't take enough time off work to make the trip and have bonding time at home. It is so exciting as people start to get their new daughters.

Well that is all for now

Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy to see August

We are already 5 days into August. There are sooo many rumors going around about when the next batch of referrals will come and how many days they will include. I give up trying to keep up.

I won a contest this week. My April chat group that I belong to does a contest every 5 days or so. Someone posts a prize along with a guessing game. The last one was we had to guess this persons breed of dogs that she owns. I guessed Yorkies and I WAS RIGHT. I won a Chinese Cookbook and a Calligraphy book. So now it is my turn to choose a prize and contest. I said I would make letter pillows in the winners daughters name. My contest was they have to guess how many diapers I have bought so far. It is all pretty funny. The picture above is a sample of what I am offering.

My stamp camp for my friend Cassie this week was a success. I helped her make $160 plus $160 in orders. My little contribution to her China trip.

I started on my 100 Good Wishes quilt today. I went to my aunt's house and we set up a plan. I need to do some cutting and such this week and then next Friday we will meet again and get started. I am pretty excited.

Only 10 days until school starts. Morgan finished Jump Start and Bible School this week so we have a one week break before we head back to school. I am ready. The sooner school starts the faster the days are moving.

My Aunts have set up a shower date for my sister in law Lisa. We decided to forgo the double shower. With this being Jon's first baby, it is better they have their own shower. Hers will be September 11. Then sometime after we get our referral Lisa said she wants to throw a shower for me. Secretly.......I can't wait.

that's all for now-