Saturday, January 31, 2009


I love facebook! I have been on it for a year or so but haven't really done much with it. The last couple of months I have been on it several times a day. Slightly addicted actually. I have been connecting with so many people. Many of them from my high school days. Many are just my friends and church family back home that I don't get to see anymore. There are even a few from our adoption group that I haven't seen in almost three years. It is great.

I keep saying it but I really mean it. I want Spring to come. I like having a white Christmas. But other than that one week of Christmas, I would be fine with temps above 50 the rest of the winter. I guess the writing is on the wall....once retirement age hits I will be a snowbird and fly south for the winter.

We are all adjusting to our move. Morgan has had the hardest time, but sheis actually coming around even faster than I thought. Thirteen is such a tough age to deal with change. Especially when you have to leave everything/everyone you love behind. She is making friends at her new school. She even had a friend come and spend the night last night. She is getting there. It isn't home yet, but I think her major fear of not fitting in is past.

I am enjoying being unemployed more than I thought. I don't know how much longer that will last though. I have inquired about bus driving here, but the pay is about $6.50 less an hour. That is hard to take. Doing the same work (maybe even tougher work because of the area) and making that much less....I don't know it just doesn't excite me much.

What I have been doing some checking into is going back to school. Nothing fancy or too long of a commitment. I am looking at becoming an MA (Medical Assistant). Less schooling than a nurse but about the same type of work. I would be most interested in working in a doctors office or a clinic. Don't really want hospital hours. The main thing I have to get worked out is finding child care for Olivia. Part of the problem is that she is suppose to start Kindergarten next fall so I need to decide if I put her into a daycare with a Kindergarten program or find out if there is a daycare that she can go to after school. I wish they had all day Kindergarten like back home. That would make it easier.

We are really settling in to our new church. Each week we feel a little less like strangers. Tomorrow we are having a Super Bowl party at the Pastor's house. We are in a small group with him and his wife. We normally have the Super Bowl party, but since we are in this dinky apartment right now it will be a while before we are hosting any parties.

Well, I better sign off...I feel like I have been on the computer all day. :)
I wil leave you with one of my favorite pics...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart

Today Mike and I have been married for 23 years!!! I can't believe how fast the last 23 years have gone by. I can't believe how young we were too!!! Just kids!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland

UGH! It just keeps snowing and is cold. I am ready for Spring. The temps are a little better here, but we got a few more inches of snow today. Being here at the apartment has made winter seem harder this year. #1 I am missing my woodburners. I don't miss lugging in the wood and getting up at night to add more wood, but I do miss the bone warming heat. The "It is so cozy in here" feeling that you don't even care that it is 15 below outside. #2 I am really missing my garage. Having to go out every morning to either chip ice off of my car or scrape off the snow is a real pain. At first I didn't even want to start it to warm it since it is in a parking lot and once it is started, I can't lock it. Well, after the first week of freezing temps I didn't give a flying rip if someone took my car. It needed to be preheated.

Last Thursday was Morgan's last day of the Semester at her old school. Today was suppose to be the first day at her new school. Even though there was no school on Friday for the middle school the high school had a snow day because of dangerous temps. That messed up the middle school schedule so their semester doesn't end now until tomorrow. UGH! They could have told us that before we got up at 6 AM today and got to the school by 7! So, we went back today after lunch (they only have half days today and tomorrow) and Morgan got her schedule, locker assignment and got to walk around the school. She doesn't have to start until Thursday now.

This is really dragging things out. I am getting really frustrated with all her moodiness. I do feel bad for her. I know she is nervous to start a new school and sad to leave the old, but her ups and downs are leading me to insanity.
Here is a picture of my little guy Chester just cause he is cute. ;)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Morgan's Music Video

Morgan had to make a music video for her music class. She picked on of her favorite songs and put pictures to it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

China, baby!

My friend Rebecca & her hubby Andy are in China right now getting her little boy. Little Owen is such a cutie. You can see him on their blog.

Olivia's dance and tumble

*Sorry for the blurry pics. I have a crappy camera and my zoom doesn't really work.