Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland

UGH! It just keeps snowing and is cold. I am ready for Spring. The temps are a little better here, but we got a few more inches of snow today. Being here at the apartment has made winter seem harder this year. #1 I am missing my woodburners. I don't miss lugging in the wood and getting up at night to add more wood, but I do miss the bone warming heat. The "It is so cozy in here" feeling that you don't even care that it is 15 below outside. #2 I am really missing my garage. Having to go out every morning to either chip ice off of my car or scrape off the snow is a real pain. At first I didn't even want to start it to warm it since it is in a parking lot and once it is started, I can't lock it. Well, after the first week of freezing temps I didn't give a flying rip if someone took my car. It needed to be preheated.

Last Thursday was Morgan's last day of the Semester at her old school. Today was suppose to be the first day at her new school. Even though there was no school on Friday for the middle school the high school had a snow day because of dangerous temps. That messed up the middle school schedule so their semester doesn't end now until tomorrow. UGH! They could have told us that before we got up at 6 AM today and got to the school by 7! So, we went back today after lunch (they only have half days today and tomorrow) and Morgan got her schedule, locker assignment and got to walk around the school. She doesn't have to start until Thursday now.

This is really dragging things out. I am getting really frustrated with all her moodiness. I do feel bad for her. I know she is nervous to start a new school and sad to leave the old, but her ups and downs are leading me to insanity.
Here is a picture of my little guy Chester just cause he is cute. ;)

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OziMum said...

bbrrrr.... my air conditioner is blowing on me, and looking at your snowy pics, I'm getting cold!!!

Do you know I've never seen lots of real snow!!! I've been to a mountain at the end of the season, so it was kinda muddy slush. But not nice think carpet of snow like your pics!!!