Thursday, May 26, 2005

May Referrals

The May referrals came this week. They covered those families that were LID from October 20-November 19. Yeah-jone more month down....keep them coming. Our agency recieved 16 referrals for ages 7 months-18 months.

Proms are over for the year and now it is graduation time. Evan will be graduating this Sunday. I hope I can handle it. Last night he had his Bible class final. He and two other friends have to give their "Faith Statements" to a group of about 15 people and their bible teacher. WOW! It was really powerful. Evan had the whole room crying. I am really proud to say I am his mom. He is sure growing into a fine young man. He is really going to make a difference in others lives.

That is all for now-

Thursday, May 19, 2005

1 Month Count Down

Today is our one month "anniversary" of our count down. We have been logged in for one month. Man time is going slow. Everyone is expecting referrals next week for the month of November. Rumor has it that CCAA may have hired to some new help, so maybe they will pick up a little bit and keep things moving along.

Katie went ot prom a couple weeks ago and this weekend is Evan's turn. Then next week my baby graduates!!! I can hardly believe the time has come for one of my babies to leave the nest. I didn't know if I would think he was ready, but this last year he has really done some growing and it may be time for him spread his wings a little.

I am hoping to write here about once a week during our wait, but I have already gotten a little behind. 11 days since my last post. That is a good thing though-time is moving on.


Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and I am sitting here thinking about my other baby. She is waiting for her new family somewhere thousands of miles away. As we pass each holiday I keep thinking that the next one we will be together. So far we can count down Valentine's Day, Easter & Mother's Day.

We spent the afternoon with Mike's family today at the lake. BBQ chicken on the grill. I love Mike's family but sometimes things are so hard. Mike's mother (maybe father too) is not in support of the adoption plan. Everytime I see her, she reminds me of her feelings. At this time of excitement it is hard to be around her. I guess it will be her loss.

Katie had her prom this weekend. This is going to be a really busy month. Evan has prom in two weeks with graduation the following week. Then we have his big open house to plan for to finish off the season. I will be glad when this month is over. HAHA!


Monday, May 02, 2005

LID on 4/19/05

WHEW! We got our LID date today. It is 4/19/05! Praise the Lord! That was the last possible date we could hope for and still be in the April group. China has been splitting months for referrals and they seems to be splitting them on the 19th or 20th of the month. SOOOOO hopefully that means we will still be with the April group. I am glad the suspense is over.


Nothing New...

There is nothing new on the adoption front. We are still waiting to hear what our LID is. This I am really worried about. Nothing I can do about it, but still worried. Someone from Denmark recently reported that her dossier was delivered to CCAA on 4/5 and she had an LID of 4/25. That is bad news. We need an LID of at least 4/19 to be able to hope for a referral in October. Otherwise, we will be pushed into the next month most likely. For some reason they are taking a long time to log in the dossiers at the CCAA.

That is about it. Nothing else new really going on here.