Thursday, May 19, 2005

1 Month Count Down

Today is our one month "anniversary" of our count down. We have been logged in for one month. Man time is going slow. Everyone is expecting referrals next week for the month of November. Rumor has it that CCAA may have hired to some new help, so maybe they will pick up a little bit and keep things moving along.

Katie went ot prom a couple weeks ago and this weekend is Evan's turn. Then next week my baby graduates!!! I can hardly believe the time has come for one of my babies to leave the nest. I didn't know if I would think he was ready, but this last year he has really done some growing and it may be time for him spread his wings a little.

I am hoping to write here about once a week during our wait, but I have already gotten a little behind. 11 days since my last post. That is a good thing though-time is moving on.


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