Thursday, May 26, 2005

May Referrals

The May referrals came this week. They covered those families that were LID from October 20-November 19. Yeah-jone more month down....keep them coming. Our agency recieved 16 referrals for ages 7 months-18 months.

Proms are over for the year and now it is graduation time. Evan will be graduating this Sunday. I hope I can handle it. Last night he had his Bible class final. He and two other friends have to give their "Faith Statements" to a group of about 15 people and their bible teacher. WOW! It was really powerful. Evan had the whole room crying. I am really proud to say I am his mom. He is sure growing into a fine young man. He is really going to make a difference in others lives.

That is all for now-

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