Monday, June 27, 2005

December's Are Here!

The rest of November through December 21 referrals are here! We have also passed our two month waiting mark (June 19). Today our agency reported 9 referrals with ages ranging from 7 months to 17 months. I am soooo anxious to head to China and meet our daughter, BUT on the other hand I am glad I am not in China right now. It is extremely hot in China during the summer and the hotel rooms are about the only place you can find air conditioning. Travelers say even the restaurants are not cooled. Also this is their rainy season and the southern part of China (where the American Consulate is located) has had some major flooding.

I will just bid my time. The summer seems to moving along pretty quickly. A couple more days and we will already be into July. Whoo Hoo! I have been working on a new project this last week. I am making little dresses. I have made 5 little sun dresses so far and just bought some more material.

Well-Hopefully only 4 more months to go to see our baby's picture!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day Weekend

This last weekend we had a church camp out. There were several families camping at Twin Mills campground. LOTS of little kids running around and a few dogs too. I kept thinking....*Next year we will have another little one running around playing*....

No news are referral news yet. The next group is expecting referrals this week or next. Once these referrals come in there are only 4 more batches to go until ours.

Morgan's summer is getting busier. She started swimming lessons and will be doing this for the next two weeks. Then she will be off to camp for one week. She will have a couple week reprieve and then it will be fair time and also Jump Start at school.

Katie leaves in two weeks for a two week trip to the Dominican.

That's all for now-

Monday, June 13, 2005

A Little Taste of China

Today my friend Julia took me to Chinatown in Chicago. Julia has a 2 1/2 year old from China and she is going back about the same time I am for a sister for her. Julia is quite familiar with Chinatown so Morgan and I went with Julia and Genevive on a girls day out. It was very interesting. We went into several grocery stores (Julia goes regularly to get some of Genevive's favorite foods). Thestench of the fresh seafood (you name it, they have it) to all the dried seafood and herbs hits you in the face when you walk in. It is enough to turn your stomach. Julia informed me that pretty much all of China smells like this. Morgan looked at me and said "Have a good trip Mom, I am staying home." We also got a taste of how crowded the tight the shops are. You can hardly walk down the isles (sp) because they are so narrow. We had a wonderful lunch too. It was an interesting day to say the least.


Friday, June 03, 2005

The Next Phase of Life

Tomorrow is Evan's graduation open house. He has graduated (yes-we have the diploma in hand) and tomorrow we celebrate. I am stressed (lots to do) and thoughtful at this time. On one hand I am reflecting on how fast time is flying by. It is hard to believe Evan will be moving on to the next phase of his life now. We have done our job of raising him and now we are just here for support and advice when he asks for it. Time really does fly by and reminds me of my mortality and if I am not careful how quickly time will pass me by.

Not much else to report on the adoption front. I am continuing to collect my quilt squares. I am hoping to start in the next month or so to put my quilt together. I am also involved in a postcard swap with others on my April list group. (These are other women (mostly) that are on the same timeline as I am with their adoptions and we should be traveling to China approximately the same time. They are a great group. We all seem to be going through the same thing at the same time. When noone else understands us (husband included) we can vent and scream to each other and we all understand where the others are coming from. Anyway, we are sending each other postcards from our area addressed to our new daughters. It is fun to get mail from all over the world.

Our friends Wes and Val have finally gotten their dossier done and sent in to China. We were hoping to travel together, but they will probably be a couple months behind us. They are asking for twins-how awesome!

There are some nasty rumors that referrals are now going to 7 months. I am not going to believe it until I see that actually happening and it is closer to our referral time-like August or September.

Well I am going to quit rambling now.