Friday, July 28, 2006

Bittersweet Day

Today was a very bittersweet day for poor Morgan. It was the day of the auction for her goat. She did very well at the auction and her goat sold for over $300. But later in the day she went to feed him for the last time and he had already been loaded and was gone from the barn. I found her half way between the barn and the camper in tears. She said "I just want to go home NOW! I don't want to be at the fair anymore!" She cried all the way home and was quite heartbroken that she didn't get to say goodbye and that he was actually gone.

Livi hanging out at the auction with grandma. She just wants to leave and go find something to eat!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Livi loves rides...

We let Livi ride some of the rides on Kiddie day. I didn't buy her a all-you-can-ride wrist band because I didn't know if she would like the rides. We have not been able to get her to ride the penny horse at the grocery store yet. So I opted for tickets and figured Morgan could take her on a few and see how she would do. Well, she loved them. She rode the cars, the tea cups (not her favorite), the train and the carousel. The cars were her favorite. She kept signing for more when she was done.

She also had a blast climbing all over the tractor/lawnmower display too. Man it doesn't take much to entertain this kid and this entertainment was free!!

Here she is hanging with cousin Nolan at the fair. He is too little (only 9 months old-and yes he is about the same size as our peanut Livi) to go on rides. Maybe next year Livi can take him. :)

Seal Shows and Goat Shows

One of the highlights of the fair this year is the seal show. We have watched it twice. There are four seals that do a really cute show. After the show you can get your picture taken with them. Morgan and her buddies (the twins Alexis and Kelsey) got to pose with Minnie, Alicia and Zoe. They actually rested their heads on the girls heads and shoulders.

On Monday Morgan showed her goat, Scooter. She got 4th place in the Showmanship class (where they judge her skills as a showperson) but her goat did not do so well in his class and got last place in the market class. (I think we may have entered him in the wrong market class-oops mom and dad's mistake). Her goat though was very tame and walked very well. Last year she showed two girls (one was the mother to Scooter) and they were not very tame-she did not work them enough-and she had a real rough time with them in the ring. Now we just have to get through the auction on Friday. I think it will be a tough day for Morgan. She loves her little goat and won't be too happy to see him go.

Have you been watching America's Got Talent???

.....well Morgan has and there is an 11 year old girl on the show named Taylor Ware that is a yodeler. She taught herself to yodel and she is the National Champion. She is also one AWESOME singer. That girl can belt out a song like none other. They have not even begun to show her singing talent on the America's Got Talent show. Anyway, on to my story. On my way to the very first day of the fair and what do I hear on the radio but the announcement that the one and only Taylor Ware was going to be performing at our fair that very day!!! When I told Morgan you would have thought Garth Brooks was gonna be there (she said Garth who??). We got front row benches to the show and after the show Morgan got an autographed CD and this.....


Sorry I have not posted for so long. I was gone for three days at Indiana University for orientation for Katie. That was pretty exciting. Evan went to a small college and didn't have an orientation like this. Katie picked a school that has a population of 38,000 kids. That is 4 times bigger than our town than we live in. The campus is beautiful though. She is really excited to be moving down to school in less than a month. I am excited for her too.

After we got home we packed up the camper and moved it out to the fairgrounds. Morgan has a goat that she is showing at the fair. This year after being on the waiting list for 7 years we got a camping spot. That means we have been living at the fair all week. We actually have two more days out there but I came home tonight for more clothes and to regroup. The next several posts will be pictures of our adventures at the fair......Enjoy

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Making Progress

We are making progress. Today Ollie had her 3 month check up and has gained 2 pounds! She is up to 20 pounds!! LOL She has also grown one inch so she is now 32 inches. Still our little peanut. I was sure she would have gained more than that, but not so. She is in the 10 percentile on the height chart and not anywhere close to touching any line on the weight chart but the doc is not worried. Said she is just gonna be our little peanut.

She had her third speech session and the therapist said she is making progress. It is hard for me to tell cause I am with her everyday. She does try to say more words but they are just the first sounds of the word and normally only those of us in the family can tell what she is trying to say. The therapist said that is a start and it is great.

We went to the Toledo Zoo this past week. It was a good time with only a little rain. Livi is not as impressed with the animals as I thought she would be. Probably because they are too far away from her. She oohs and aahs for a second and then is ready to move on. I think the fish in the aquarium impressed her the most.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Morgan the engineer

This past week Morgan bought a "kit" at a garage sale. It was a roller coaster that had to be put together. She thought it would be a great project for her and dad to do. Little did she (and dad) know that it had about 5,000 parts and would take about 15 hours to put together. But since this was a long holiday weekend they got started and tonight finished the project. Here she is with her "cool" roller coaster. In the first picture you can just make out the little purple car making its way down the hill towards the loop. Now she wants a job at Cedar Point. LOL!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A true American kid finally!!

Well we can finally call Olivia a true American kid. She finally decided to taste macaroni and cheese and like mama knew she would she loved it!! Now if we could just get her to try pizza.