Monday, July 03, 2006

Morgan the engineer

This past week Morgan bought a "kit" at a garage sale. It was a roller coaster that had to be put together. She thought it would be a great project for her and dad to do. Little did she (and dad) know that it had about 5,000 parts and would take about 15 hours to put together. But since this was a long holiday weekend they got started and tonight finished the project. Here she is with her "cool" roller coaster. In the first picture you can just make out the little purple car making its way down the hill towards the loop. Now she wants a job at Cedar Point. LOL!


Linda said...

That's sweet that she wanted something special to work on with her dad! At that age, so many girls are beginning to avoid their dads! So sweet!

Lee-Anne said...

Good golly! It's HUGE! What a genius Morgan must be! (and I guess Dad must be a bit clever too!)

Happy holidays to you! (no holidays here...just cold, boring, work).

Rayetta F. Fetter said...

Now that we know Dad and Morgan can do big projects like this, I need them to come and help grandma. Oh boy, Morgan sure looks so grown up in these pictures. I can't believe how big my beautiful granddaughter is getting. Can't wait to see you.

Jenny said...

My son took a class where they built things like that and then had races with them. How come they didn't have cool toys like that when I was a kid?
Jenny V

Anonymous said...

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