Friday, July 29, 2005

They are here....

July referrals came yesterday. Our agency got 15 referrals for people that are logged in from December 24-January 27. That means they actually went longer on the dates this month. NOW next month will be the real kicker. Chinese New Year was the first two weeks of February this year so the CCAA was shut down during that time. That means there was only two weeks in February that were logged in. Sooo next month will really be up in the air. Either the rest of January and all of February will be matched and maybe the referrals will come a little sooner or they may throw some of March in there too. Who knows. We are still counting on an October referral. We are half way over on our wait. Whoo Hoo!

We picked up Morgan's goats at the fair this morning. Yeah! No more trips out to the fairgrounds.

On Sunday our friends the Trawick's from South Bend are coming over for a cook-out and swimming. They are getting ready to go back to China to pick up their second daughter from China. I am really excited about their visit.

Also, on Tuesday, my friend Cassie from Fort Wayne is coming over to do a stamp camp at my house. For $10 my friends can make 10 cards. I am doing this to help Cassie make some funds because they will probably be leaving August 24th to head back to China to bring home their second daughter from China.

Busy Busy!

Thats all for now-

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July Referrals are on their way...

We got news today that the referrals for July are in the mail and on the way here. Are agency said they are expecting a package on Thursday and one on Friday. I was sooo hoping they would come last week. It seems like each month they come a few days later.

Morgan showed her goats at the fair yesterday. She got fourth place with one of them. She had a hard time controlling her goat and got pretty upset in the ring, but the club leader got in the ring and helped her.

Morgan also started Jump Start today. (Basically 2 weeks of summer school.) She thinks it will be okay.

The heat has been oppressive here lately. On Sunday the heat index was 108 degrees. The drought we were in is over though. We have been getting rain at least every other day with some pretty bad storms mixed in. I guess there is a cold front coming in tonight with some storms and finally tomorrow it will be only 75 degrees.

I got a couple gifts this week from two of my secret pals. I got two of the cutest outfits for Olivia. Also a doll, a book and a bib. It is sooo much fun getting little clothes. It just keeps confirming that she is coming.

OH! I don't know if I ever posted here our name pick. It is Olivia. Most people know by now, but if you didn't now you do.

That's all for now- I will post again when referrals are here.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Half way there....

Today is the 17th. In two days we will be LID for 3 months. We have hit the half way mark till our referral. Only three months to go. At this time we are still on target for an October referral. We will know more in the next month or so though.

School starts in one month. I know this next month is going to fly by. It is still sooo hot here. One of the hottest summers I can remember.

Oh-Katie is back from the Dominican. She had a great time and did not want to come home. She made some really great friends while there and really had a hard time leaving them. She is already trying to plan a trip back. She really grew spiritually while there and said she has never felt as useful as she did while there.

Rumors are going around that referrals may be coming out this week. Hopefully I will get to post those.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Summer is half over

Going, Going......summer is passing us quickly. This is the first year that makes me very happy. The quicker summer goes the quicker October comes! Morgan is back from Bible camp and Katie has less than one week left in the Dominican. Fair is in less than two weeks and bible school less than three.

Jon and Lisa are having a boy!! 100% sure. The ultrasound shows it very clearly. They are over joyed. Today we worked on baby announcements for her.

We also found out yesterday that my niece Brittany is pregnant. She is due on February 25th. I am hoping for a girl. I will have someone to pass clothes down to then. HAHA!

I am hoping to start on my 100 good wishes quilt by the middle of this month. Once I have it done I will post pictures.

Thats all for now-

Sunday, July 03, 2005

July is Here!

With this 4th of July weekend we usher in a new month. Today Morgan went to Bible camp for a week. That was a rough parting. We left to a tear streaked, panicked looking face. Just about tore my heart out. I know she will do fine, but there will be some major adjustments for her.

Katie leaves tomorrow morning at 3:30 AM for her two week adventure in the Dominican. She will be working with special education children. She is getting pretty exicted about traveling. We will have one week with two kids gone (and Evan is hardly ever around anyway) and one week with one gone.

We went to my cousins yesterday for a cook-out. While there my mom started planning a double baby shower for my sister-in-law and I. I am pretty excited. Something like a shower will help make our adoption seem more real.