Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July Referrals are on their way...

We got news today that the referrals for July are in the mail and on the way here. Are agency said they are expecting a package on Thursday and one on Friday. I was sooo hoping they would come last week. It seems like each month they come a few days later.

Morgan showed her goats at the fair yesterday. She got fourth place with one of them. She had a hard time controlling her goat and got pretty upset in the ring, but the club leader got in the ring and helped her.

Morgan also started Jump Start today. (Basically 2 weeks of summer school.) She thinks it will be okay.

The heat has been oppressive here lately. On Sunday the heat index was 108 degrees. The drought we were in is over though. We have been getting rain at least every other day with some pretty bad storms mixed in. I guess there is a cold front coming in tonight with some storms and finally tomorrow it will be only 75 degrees.

I got a couple gifts this week from two of my secret pals. I got two of the cutest outfits for Olivia. Also a doll, a book and a bib. It is sooo much fun getting little clothes. It just keeps confirming that she is coming.

OH! I don't know if I ever posted here our name pick. It is Olivia. Most people know by now, but if you didn't now you do.

That's all for now- I will post again when referrals are here.

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