Monday, July 11, 2005

Summer is half over

Going, Going......summer is passing us quickly. This is the first year that makes me very happy. The quicker summer goes the quicker October comes! Morgan is back from Bible camp and Katie has less than one week left in the Dominican. Fair is in less than two weeks and bible school less than three.

Jon and Lisa are having a boy!! 100% sure. The ultrasound shows it very clearly. They are over joyed. Today we worked on baby announcements for her.

We also found out yesterday that my niece Brittany is pregnant. She is due on February 25th. I am hoping for a girl. I will have someone to pass clothes down to then. HAHA!

I am hoping to start on my 100 good wishes quilt by the middle of this month. Once I have it done I will post pictures.

Thats all for now-

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