Friday, July 29, 2005

They are here....

July referrals came yesterday. Our agency got 15 referrals for people that are logged in from December 24-January 27. That means they actually went longer on the dates this month. NOW next month will be the real kicker. Chinese New Year was the first two weeks of February this year so the CCAA was shut down during that time. That means there was only two weeks in February that were logged in. Sooo next month will really be up in the air. Either the rest of January and all of February will be matched and maybe the referrals will come a little sooner or they may throw some of March in there too. Who knows. We are still counting on an October referral. We are half way over on our wait. Whoo Hoo!

We picked up Morgan's goats at the fair this morning. Yeah! No more trips out to the fairgrounds.

On Sunday our friends the Trawick's from South Bend are coming over for a cook-out and swimming. They are getting ready to go back to China to pick up their second daughter from China. I am really excited about their visit.

Also, on Tuesday, my friend Cassie from Fort Wayne is coming over to do a stamp camp at my house. For $10 my friends can make 10 cards. I am doing this to help Cassie make some funds because they will probably be leaving August 24th to head back to China to bring home their second daughter from China.

Busy Busy!

Thats all for now-

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