Sunday, October 30, 2005

Back to the waiting game

Well we will not be getting our referral this month. Only the rest of March has been matched. We have also heard that the CCAA will be moving in mid-November and to expect delays in the next batch of referrals.

Bummer but that is okay because right now my dossier is in the matching room and we are NEXT! WHOO HOO!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Okay getting a little antsy now. I hate to even post this for fear of jinxing it-BUT- there are some very strong rumors out there that the cut off for the next batch may be around April 20-22! THAT means we would be included after all!!!! According to one agency CCAA has matched the rest of March and they are working on April right now. They could be matching us with our little girl RIGHT NOW!!!! They said April LID's are in the matching room now. The next piece of info is that referrals should be coming next week. Hopefully be here by Friday November 4th!

Morgan and I are going on a road trip tomorrow. We will be gone for three days. We are going to be meeting some friends hopefully. I wil try to post Sunday and explain it all then.

Mike called from the Dominican yesterday. He is having a good time. He was feeling a little homesick yesterday but otherwise is keeping busy. He said it has rained everyday. I think that is pretty common there though.

Off for now-

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Slow Saturday

That picture to the left is the logo for my LoveBug group from AHH some of which I should be traveling with. I told Mike he is the ladybug with the orange afro and buck teeth. LOL.

Mike left today for the Dominican. It is just us girls this week. I spent the day in South Bend with Julia and little Genevive. Morgan had a sibling class at the hospital. She said it was really cool.

I heard from someone today that for the next four months at least the children with their paperwork ready to go making them available for adoption are on the younger side. The CCAA has very little paper work on older children. That means we have a good chance of getting referred a younger baby. That same someone told me that her agency said they are trying to get referrals to go into April. That is good news for us, because then we should not get cut off for a referral at the end of November.

The Washington Post today had a story about the Bird Flu. It said that if one case shows up that the flu can be spread from one person to another then China is closing its borders to keep it from spreading. I am going to try to not even think about that. It is just way tooo depressing.

Little Chloe Jo (our girl puppy) went to her new home yesterday. Her new mama called to let us know she did great and is hardly missing us. Next week little Boomer will go next door to his new family. Morgan is having a pretty hard time with it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Short update

Well Evan made it home and will be heading back tomorrow. Mom made it here last night and will be here for the next week spoiling her new grandson.

No new adoption wise really. They hope that referrals are sent out by the end of next week. So maybe they will be here by Mon. the 31st.

Mike is leaving on Saturday for the DR. He hasn't said much about it. I am sure he will be more excited about it once he gets home. It should be a great experience for him.

Short update, but it at least is one.

Friday, October 14, 2005

He's Coming Home....

Evan is on his way home from Hesston as I type this for a visit. He has a few days off for fall break and is a little homesick so he caught a ride home. It is hard to believe he has already been gone for about 2 months.

No real news on the adoption front. There are two rumors going around. One is that the rest of the March LID's are in the matching room and the April LID's are still in the review room (we don't like this rumor). The other is that the cut off will be April 22/23 (we like this rumor ALOT!).

Mike got word this week that he won't have a job this winter. They decided to not run the shop in Middlebury. This really stinks. We have lived on unemployment before, but I had also saved a little nest egg to get us by. Since he has worked the last couple years in the shop we have done well so I didn't worry too much. SO, no job, no nest egg. UGH!

Little Nolan is doing good. He basically eats, poops and sleeps. Just like babies are suppose to do. My mom is coming in a few days so she can get to know her newest grandson.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Here are some pictures of my nephew Nolan Michael. He is about 4 hours old in these photos.

Lisa's delivery was a tough one. She went into labor at 1:30 AM Friday. She labored most of the day and after walking and walking some more was admitted into the hospital at 7 PM Friday night. She was 2 cm dialated. They had to give her morphine-it wore off. They finally gave her an epideral. Her blood pressure plumetted to 48. They rushed around and pumpe some fluids into her, her pressure spiked and she got migranes and threw up. Finally things leveled off. Saturday (this) morning the doctor came in and she was 4 cm dialated. He broke her water. At 10 AM she was only 5 cm. About 45 minutes later the doctor checked her and she was 10 cm. Whoo Hoo-we are almost done. NOT SO FAST- after 3 (YES that is a 3!) hours of pushing Nolan was finally born. 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. Cute as a button! Strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. Much cuter in person than even these pictures show. Anyway I AM AN AUNT!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Just trying to relax

Okay-I am trying to make this my motto now. Don't worry, just be happy. My mother gave me a pep talk the other day. Instead of protecting my heart from disappointment I am going to pray for a miracle and believe that it will happen. I am praying that our referral will come at the end of the month like we had originally planned. If it doesn't, I will deal with that when it happens, but for now I KNOW God answers our prayers and can perform miracles so that is what I am counting on! You go God!

Yesterday was a sad day for our community. A fifth grader from Morgan's school was killed while riding her bike. Morgan has been very sad today and said it was really sad at school too. I was very anxious to see Morgan this afternoon and just hold her on my lap. It sure makes my problems seem very insignificant right now.

LISA IS IN LABOR!!! She has been in labor since 1:30 am and we have not heard much else. Hopefully when we get up in the morning little Nolan Michael will be out and waiting to meet his family! WHoo Hoo!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Another Bummer Day...

Today the March referrals started. AHH got only 4 referrals and nothing after 3/17 just like I had heard. I belong to the March DTC group and they were posting referrals all day. I should have been excited for them, but I just couldn't be. I had a real heavy heart today and feel really depressed. It will most likely be 9 weeks now until we get our referral. I need to snap out of it.

On another news front, Mike is going to The Dominican at the end of the month. He got an offer to go with our church on a mission trip (same place Katie was this summer) to help build a house. The trip will be paid for, the only thing we lose is his week of pay. It should be a great trip for him. He is gone 10/22-10/29.

Off to bed and to sulk.

Saturday, October 01, 2005