Saturday, October 22, 2005

Slow Saturday

That picture to the left is the logo for my LoveBug group from AHH some of which I should be traveling with. I told Mike he is the ladybug with the orange afro and buck teeth. LOL.

Mike left today for the Dominican. It is just us girls this week. I spent the day in South Bend with Julia and little Genevive. Morgan had a sibling class at the hospital. She said it was really cool.

I heard from someone today that for the next four months at least the children with their paperwork ready to go making them available for adoption are on the younger side. The CCAA has very little paper work on older children. That means we have a good chance of getting referred a younger baby. That same someone told me that her agency said they are trying to get referrals to go into April. That is good news for us, because then we should not get cut off for a referral at the end of November.

The Washington Post today had a story about the Bird Flu. It said that if one case shows up that the flu can be spread from one person to another then China is closing its borders to keep it from spreading. I am going to try to not even think about that. It is just way tooo depressing.

Little Chloe Jo (our girl puppy) went to her new home yesterday. Her new mama called to let us know she did great and is hardly missing us. Next week little Boomer will go next door to his new family. Morgan is having a pretty hard time with it.

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