Friday, October 14, 2005

He's Coming Home....

Evan is on his way home from Hesston as I type this for a visit. He has a few days off for fall break and is a little homesick so he caught a ride home. It is hard to believe he has already been gone for about 2 months.

No real news on the adoption front. There are two rumors going around. One is that the rest of the March LID's are in the matching room and the April LID's are still in the review room (we don't like this rumor). The other is that the cut off will be April 22/23 (we like this rumor ALOT!).

Mike got word this week that he won't have a job this winter. They decided to not run the shop in Middlebury. This really stinks. We have lived on unemployment before, but I had also saved a little nest egg to get us by. Since he has worked the last couple years in the shop we have done well so I didn't worry too much. SO, no job, no nest egg. UGH!

Little Nolan is doing good. He basically eats, poops and sleeps. Just like babies are suppose to do. My mom is coming in a few days so she can get to know her newest grandson.

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