Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Okay getting a little antsy now. I hate to even post this for fear of jinxing it-BUT- there are some very strong rumors out there that the cut off for the next batch may be around April 20-22! THAT means we would be included after all!!!! According to one agency CCAA has matched the rest of March and they are working on April right now. They could be matching us with our little girl RIGHT NOW!!!! They said April LID's are in the matching room now. The next piece of info is that referrals should be coming next week. Hopefully be here by Friday November 4th!

Morgan and I are going on a road trip tomorrow. We will be gone for three days. We are going to be meeting some friends hopefully. I wil try to post Sunday and explain it all then.

Mike called from the Dominican yesterday. He is having a good time. He was feeling a little homesick yesterday but otherwise is keeping busy. He said it has rained everyday. I think that is pretty common there though.

Off for now-

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