Wednesday, August 31, 2005

February's Referrals

Here they FINALLY come. The February referrals are on their way and should be here tomorrow or Friday. The cut off is suppose to be February 25th. So-not only did they NOT come early, they are not going to include any of March. Bummer.

My little baby (picture to the right) will be a mommy in about 6 days. She is getting quite pudgy. I can lay my hand on her tummy and feel the babies kicking. I am hoping for 3 pups but will be satisfied with 2. If she only has one, I threatened to ship her to the pound. (I told her I was just joking-can't stress her out right now.) Anyway, three pups would help fund my trip to China. I already have 2 sold if she has them.

I just signed up for a new swap. This is called the alphabet swap. I have to come up with $1-$2 gifts that start with either O or S (Olivia's initials). Last month they had a B swap for baby. People sent things like bibs, booties, bows, board books, baby rattles etc. Soooo if anyone out there has a real creative idea for me please let me know. I have to send out 27 items so I need to get busy. I could also do L (for Livi-nickname). HELP!!! This is like a baby shower swap so it should have to do with kids.

I will post the referral results on my website page "The Wait". Well I should be down to two months left of the wait. Then we will start a new wait for travel.


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