Saturday, September 03, 2005

Busy Day....

Okay-I came up with an idea for my Alphabet Swap. It was so obvious. Olivia's Onsies! So I went out today and bought 27 onesies and spent several hours decorating them for my March Moonbeam buddies. I also bought more fleece and made a regular blanket and 6 mini blankets. My back is killing me from bending over all day.

I am also sick. Head cold-sinus pressure and running nose. I was up all night. Three weeks into school and it has already started! Once I start back on my bus route I seem to be sick all the time. I will get at least 6 colds over the next 9 months. Mike thinks it is because of all the snotty nose kids on my bus. He says he is going to buy me a surgeons mask to wear.

My friend Cassie from Fort Wayne is in China right now picking up her second daughter and it is not going well. Little Isabel is rejecting her and will only go to daddy. It is really hard on Cassie. Isabel seems to be grieving a lot too. She is 19 months old and was in a foster home. The kids that come from foster homes seem to have the hardest time adjusting. They are better off in the foster home, but this little one was basically ripped away from the only family she knows and put with strangers. It is sad.

Referrals did come on Thrusday. Look at my website under "The Wait" for details. There is only one group ahead of us. The March group is expecting their referrals around the end of September. There is a holiday for China and every thing shuts down the first week of October. They will probably try to get the referrals out before the holiday. BUT since they will be shut down for a week, our referral may come a little later. Who knows.

I also made a "diaper cake" yesterday for my SIL's baby shower coming up this weekend. It is pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Thats all for now.

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