Saturday, September 17, 2005

Keepin On

My babies are getting pudgy and more vocal. They still have their eyes closed but should be opening in the next two days. They are so snuggly.

There are rumor running rampent on the DTC sites. The closer we get to referrals the wilder they get....

1. That referrals will go to March 25th and be mailed out by September 30th before the week long Chinese Holiday in October.

2. The Director of the CCAA is out of town until after the Chinese Holiday (he is supposedly the only one that can sign the referrals-so they would not come out until after the holiday).

3. The referrals won't come out until after the holiday but they will include March and April. (I like this rumor best!)

No matter what is true or not, right at this time our dossier is suppose to be in the "review room" where our documents are being looked at and checked over. This is very exciting because the next step is the matching room. Please start praying for us, as I believe very soon God's hand in our future will be revealed to us.

One of my friends Julia, is going back to China to get her second daughter. They were suppose to be up next for referrals. Well this last week while looking at her agencies new list of special needs children she fell in love with a little girl and they have gotten the okay to adopt her. It will delay their travel by a couple months, but she is over the moon in love with the little two year old, soon to be known as Abigail.

As the referral time comes near, we are having cyber showers in our groups. I have two this month for the March group. These are so much fun. I love showers.

My SIL, Lisa is getting very close to having her baby. She has been having contractions and the doctor said she is ready any time. (She isn't due until Oct. 3rd though).

Hopefully I can post more on referrals soon.

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