Thursday, September 29, 2005

WOW-Way behind

It is amazing how I have fallen behind in my blog. I really wanted to post one to two times a week. It just hasn't been happening.

My puppies are growing very nicely. They are just starting to get to the playing stage. They are sooooo cute.

Now mom only weighs 4 pounds and the pups are about a pound.

I also had two cybershowers this week. Both for my March Yahoo groups. The one on Thursday was great. I got my first gift bought off my registry. Morgan had fun opening the presents.

I have also been involved in that alphabet swap that I mentioned before. I still have about 4 more swap items coming but so far I have gotten a great load. Here are some of my items.

Word has it that referrals have been sent out and are on their way. Word also has it that the cut off this month was March 17. Now that is really BAD news for us. We were hoping to get our referral next month (at the end of October) but with an LID of 4/19 I am pretty sure they won't make up that much of a difference. That means our referral won't come until the end of November or first of December. This also means that we won't be traveling in December but we will be pushed to the end of January. Chinese New Year starts on January 29th and nothing is open in China for two weeks so that bumps us to the middle of February. So in one fell swoop we lost 6 weeks. I have had a rough few days. Lots of depression and crying. A huge pity party for myself. I am starting to accept it but I am sure for the next couple weeks I will have some low times and woe-is-me times. There is a slight chance it may still come next month, but since March and April were big log in months it is really doubtful.

Okay- I need to quit being an Eeyore.



Anonymous said...

Well Eeyore;

Even I know enough to tell you that the timing, even though it isn't your choice, is right where it needs to be in God's plan.
Hang tight, and think about how fast its all gone so far. It seems like a month or so ago, you were telling me that you and Mike were considering adopting.
Before too long, you will have your daughter and won't remember the pain of this labor either.

maverick said...

My friend has a baby cakes website...kind of like yours. He's having a tough go of it and is considering giving up. If you get a chance, go to baby cakes and give him a few words of encouragement. I think he has a really great site.