Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Little Miss Busy Body

Olivia is doing great. She is so busy checking everything out and into everything just like an average "almost" two year old. Yesterday was our first trip out to the store. She was waving at everyone and even high fived the teller at the bank. She is not the shy little girl we had in China. It is hard to get pictures of her to post though because she does not like the camera. I am not sure if she is afraid of it or what, but when she sees it she kinda whines and hides, so we have to sneak and they are often failed attempts at quick shots.

Her diet has not improved much. It still consits of rice, noodles, dry cereal, french fries and oatmeal bars. Besides formula that is about it. We keep putting an assortment of other things in front of her and they keep coming out of her mouth. Oh well, eventually she will figure it out, I hope. If not, she will eat rice for the rest of her life. I know someone else like that and he looks like a pretty healthy man-right Jack?

Today we are going to school to see big sis Morgan and eat lunch with the 4th grade class so Morgan can show her off to her classmates. I think they will both enjoy this outing. Olivia is starting to enjoy being the center of attention, especially if other kids are involved. Plus she just LOVES her big sister Morgan.

Mike started back to work this week after being laid off for almost four months. He was ready to go back so that was an answer to prayers. I have this week and next week off and still don't have a babysitter lined up for Olivia yet, so I am worried about that. I only need someone for two hours a day for 7 weeks until the end of the school year. It shouldn't be that hard, right? UGH! I am just going to keep praying about this one.

Well, off to get ready for lunch.

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