Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Today Olivia got some pretties (earrings). She didn't actually mind the piercings. It was when the lady put the rubber gloves on that she went ballistic. I am pretty sure she thought she was a doctor. She started screaming. Now she walks around pointing out her pretties, mommies pretties and Morgan's pretties (Morgan got her ears double pierced). Now hopefully mommy doesn't get kicked out. Daddy didn't want this. He thinks I should wait until she is old enough to decide for herself. I have always thought little girls are adorable with pierced ears. Well I told him I waited with the first two girls, this time I got it my way. That conversation was a month ago. Hopefully he remembers it. :)

PS: The spots around her eyes are a bug bite and scratch from camping this weekend. The bug bite almost swelled her eye shut.


Becky said...


I love Olivia's pretties and I hope hubby wasn't too mad! I also was going to wait until they were old enough to ask but our friends twins got them and that was all she wrote. I got my girls done while dh was at work and couldn't object!


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