Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day

All is well in our household. The two college kids are adjusting well. Both have jobs and seem to like them so far. Evan is working at Durham's (I think that is right). It is a sports store. Funny story here....he is petrified of mice and rats. Yep, big ol' Evan can't stand them. First day at work and he is suppose to go back to the storage room to work on stocking some items. He hears some rustling but doesn't think much of it. Later one of the other girl employees mentions that "Oh, by the way Evan we have a rat the size of a cat back there. We have seen it, but we can't catch it." Evan, who is telling this story to his girlfriend says "I am telling you, if I see this thing I will be screaming like a girl and running from the back room." The funny thing is, he is not lying. There is no such thing as preservation of manhood for Evan if he sees a rat. All is lost. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that store the day he comes face to face with Mr. Beady Eyes. Heehee.

Katie is working at QDoba's. It is a Mexican food restaruant. It is a cafeteria style place. She said the food is great (we will see how long she likes Mexican food now). She just started Friday so I am not sure yet what her hours are or if she is working in the kitchen or as the cashier.

Last week was her first week of classes. She was fairly unimpressed. Huge classes. Her smallest class was Anthropology with 140 and her largest was Pychology with 420. Huge difference from high school. She loves her pych class though.

Morgan is loving 5th grade. She LOVES her 5th grade teacher Mr. Perkins. She says he is so funny and is making the class very interesting. I love hearing that. To me that is half the battle at this age. She comes home spouting of facts that she has learned.

Livi loves going to her new babysitter too. She gets excited everyday that is it time to go to Grandma Maddie's house. She also graduated from the nursery at church to the 2-3's class so she is in a real sunday school class. She loves that too. She gets to color pictures and sing songs. She loves "cool". The last couple weeks she seems to really have blossomed in her talking. She is trying to say more. She is also dancing and skipping around the house. It was like she made a leap in another stage of toddlerhood. Her imagination play too is unbelievable. She will play with baby dolls, her play kitchen etc. and imitate everything she sees. I can't believe all that she picks up. It is a little scary.

Well, enough babble for now. I have to wonder in the delves of Evan's room to get some dress clothes for him (he has a business class and the Prof. requires that the kids (boys) dress in a shirt and tie for the class) and take them down to school. I am hoping not to get lost in the black hole. I told Livi she could come with me, but I need to put a bell on her first so I don't lose her. HAHA!

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Linda said...

I don't have older kids like you, but isn't it nice in the fall when everyone goes back to school and is settled into nice a predictable routines! Can you tell that I'm dying for school to start tomorrow? Lol!