Sunday, October 22, 2006

Katie was home!

Sorry so long since my last blog. Katie was home this weekend!!! It has been two months since we have seen her. She came home for a quick visit. It was great. Livi and Morgan were soooo excited to see their big sis. They hardly left her side from the minute she walked in the door. We took her to get her haircut, took her shopping (she of course had a whole list of things she needed to take back to school with her), and we had a small open house for friends and family that wanted to stop by and see her. We also made her favorites: chocolate chip pancakes, steaks and dirt cake (which she made sure we only got a small portion of, and she packaged up the leftovers and loaded them up to take back to school with her!)

She decided she wanted to take her car back to school and of course it decided not to start so after church dad had to spend a few hours working on it and finally got it purring again for her. She was off again with a wave and smile not to be seen again for another month. She is like a fart in a skillet that one....too much energy!


rayetta said...

It was sooooo good to read the update! Mom forgets about the blog and I needed the reminder.
I really miss seeing you, Mike adn the kids! Help!!!!
Mom loves you so much and I need my grandkids.

Mom & grandma

Lee-Anne said...

"a fart in a skillet?" You are too funny!!! Glad you got to see your "grown up" baby girl!!!

:) Hope your f-in-law has recovered from his heart issues! :) Take care