Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gotcha Day Anniversary!!

One year ago today our sweet little Olivia Guan was placed in our arms. WOW! What an amazing and powerful day that was. Olivia was sooo, upset cried and cried when they handed her to me. She was dressed in a snowsuit and a couple of layers of clothes and was sweating profusly. After about 10 minutes she quit crying but little did we know at that point she pretty much just shut down for the next couple of days and only went through the motions of surviving. It took several days for us to see some of her personality start to poke through. Within a week of us getting back home she was a totally different child and almost had an attitude of "It was about time, I had been waiting for you for almost two years!"
I read so many books on adoption and attachment before our trip to China and Michael and I were really unsure of what to expect and what exactly we were getting ourselves into. We have been so blessed! After one year we have had no attachment issues with Olivia and no problems. We have been amazed beyond belief. She has totally fit into our family and blossomed into a beautiful toddler that delights all that meet her.
This morning I walked into the kitchen where she was eating breakfast with daddy and I said "Happy Gotcha Day Livi!" and I gave her a big kiss. She said "Thank you for gotcha me, mommy."
The pleasure has been all mine kiddo!
PS: Click here for our actual gotcha day.


Anonymous said...

Congrats and Hugs from the Trawick Clan up here in South Bend


Doug and Terrye said...

Happy Gotcha Day from the Shirleys down in FL! Where has the time gone? It seems to have flown by in a surreal slo-motion way.

Terrye in FL

Dannye said...

what a sweet story...happy belated gotcha day to you both!!!