Saturday, April 28, 2007

The evasive poo

We finally have accomplished the last potty training hurdle. We have conquered the "poo" issue. Livi was doing great with staying dry but I believe she was having a mental block on the poo issue. A couple days ago she was caught in the act and was rushed to the bathroom and FINALLY had made an accomplishment! YEAH! Ever since then she has been dry and poo free. Just like that. Day and night. She is so proud of herself. Now if she could just get over having to tell everyone. I am sure all the people we passed in Menard's the other day were not as impressed as she was that she had "pooped in the toilet and now wants a treat". But she thought it was her duty to tell them all anyway. I am sure this too will pass. *sigh*


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Woooooo hooooo - This is a day to celbrate. Congradulations