Wednesday, August 01, 2007


There is a blog I have been following for a while. It is a couple from Montana that while waiting to adopt a little one from China was drawn to a beautiful 11 year old that was waiting for a family. They brought Lana home last year. Now Lana is trying to be an entrapeneur and make and sell jewelry. It is very reasonably priced. Check out her creations and maybe buy something from her to help her get started.


TrawickClan said...

Thanks for the link. I contacted her and she is will to make one earing for our Abigail - wooooooo hooooo no more waisted earrings from claires.


OziMum said...

Already done it!!! Got myself 2 pairs of Lana Originals!!!

Now that Lana's english is a little more fluent, we're hoping Mikayla and Lana can be email pals!

Its funny, coz Mikayla has just started with "I've GOT to check my emails"... daily.... she's 10!!! Ahhh... kids of the modern era?!!!