Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Love and Borderline Insanity

Well I can sit back now and sigh with relief. I am done with my Christmas shopping and even have everything wrapped. I love the spirit and meaning of Christmas. I tend to go overboard because I just love the magic of it all. This year I am even spending much more time thinking about the reason that we celebrate this season. We are all so blessed to have the gift of Jesus. Even though it is His birthday that we celebrate we are the ones that receive the biggest gift of all. I cannot fathom how I am even worthy of His gift to me, but because God says I am worthy I must believe it and be so grateful that we have such a wonderful, loving and merciful Father.

We have found a home. We have made an offer and all the details have been ironed out. Only one little catch is that our offer is basically a first right of refusal...meaning the house is not really ours until we get ours sold. This is where I have been bordering on the fine line of faithfulness and the insanity of depression and despair. In 100 days we have had 7 showings. Two of those showings it was reported that "this is our favorite property that we have seen so far". But alas nothing has happened beyond that. I could live with that if it wasn't for the fact that nothing *NOTHING* in our whole county has sold in the last 2 1/2 months that is over $250,000. AND only 4 houses in our school district have sold between $200,000-$250,0o0. (Ours is currently listed for $287,000-which a year ago would have been considered a steal in this area.) So, now we have to decide if we need to lower the price again and maybe take a hit on it, or stick with it and hope that once the holidays are over things will pick up a little bit. It is so hard to know what to do. I am a worrier. You know the kind that worries about things that I cannot control. The other day I gave it all over to God like I know I am suppose to do. The only problem with that is that I keep taking it back and then remind myself to give it back to him again. I really feel like I am lacking in the faith department big time. I HATE waiting. I hated the waiting when we were waiting for our referral of Olivia and I hate this waiting on our house selling so we can all be a family again.

Well I will leave you with a picture of our new house......maybe. :)

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Rebecca said...

Girl, the house looks great!! Don't lower your price just yet; I have a feeling things will pick up after Christmas. I'm seeing news articles that the housing market in general is stabilizing.

I'll be praying not just that the house sells, but that you would be able to stay positive, trusting God and not getting depressed about this darn waiting!!! I HATE WAITING too and I think there is nothing worse than being in limbo - but God has taught me some of my best life lessons during WAITS!!!!

Hugs to you guys - we miss you. Let's try and get together after the holidays, maybe for a sledding party??