Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring Break

Nothing new on the house front, except my attitude. I am trying to be more laid back about the whole thing. Everytime I find myself getting wound up I just tell myself to cut it out, nothing really matters. (All I need is a rubber band around my wrist to snap at the appropriate times!)

This week is our Spring Break. We have decided to go camping.....sort of. We are taking the camper over to the area where Mike is working and we are going to live for a week out of the camper as a family. Mike going to work during the day and the girls and I just hanging out. It was a good way to get me away from the house and the whole selling thing. Adam, our church's youth pastor, who has been living with us since the beginning of the year, will keep an eye on things here at home. Hopefully he will keep it clean too in case we get some showings. LOL!

The temps are suppose to be nice this week but they are calling for a chance of rain everyday. That should make for some fun camping. The girls and I may spend more time at the mall than in the camper. :)

Talk to ya all in a week.


Rebecca said...

Oooh, sounds like fun Rach!! Have a wonderful time!!!

OziMum said...

Ooo Spring Break! The only thing I know about "Spring Break" is from "American College Movies"... but I don't think that's the kind of break you're having?!!!

Enjoy your camping! So glad to hear, that you're "clearing your head"! I must say I was getting a bit worried about you, being all depressed. You are far too nice, and far to friendly to be depressed!

Enjoy your week with your family!