Sunday, September 21, 2008

The end of summer.....

Well today marks the end of summer. We closed the pool today. I hate closing the pool. For that matter I hate opening the pool, I hate cleaning the pool, I hate spending money on the ya get the picture. I remember last year when we closed the pool we said "Yeah! The last time we will ever have to close the pool." Little did we know that we would still be here and would have to once again do all the above to the pool including another closing. I won't say it again....for fear of a jinxing and another round of pool care next summer.

We did get an offer Friday on our house. It was a sucky offer though. Mike wanted to throw it away and not even respond he was so insulted. Luckily he was two hours away so yesterday I talked to our Realtor and we made a counter offer but we are soooo far apart I really don't see anything happening. They offered us less than what we paid for the place 6 years ago. In that six years we have added a two car garage, a pole barn, finished the basement (with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry room and rec room-pretty much doubling our living space). It was just ridiculous. It is such a frustrating process.


OziMum said...

That IS frustrating! I'm frustrated that our place has been on the market for about 10 weeks... but regardless, we'll well and truly make money on our place (sorry! that wasn't sposed to sound, quite so - braggy!!) We had our crappy market about 10 years ago. The market is still "positive" here - just slow.

He least, Bush forked out squillions to help your economy?!! I hope you get close to your offer. Least you're getting offers - we haven't had one offer!

Rebecca said...

Girlfriend!!!! How long have you been back!????? I thought you were gone forever from Blogland. :) I am happy you are back and posting!

I put the raffle up on my blog today - go see. :) I can't thank you enough for doing this for us!!!

I am so sorry about this crappy offer you got. It was nice of you to even counter that one!!!

Also sorry you had to close the pool again. This HAS to be the last time. :) Although I will admit I will miss sitting by it with a Frappuccino!!!