Thursday, December 16, 2004

Another Day of Nothing

Oh this is gonna drive me nuts. Everything is moving so slow. I am just sitting around waiting on packets and paperwork to get here. We did get a call from A Helping Hand Agency that we have been approved and that our Family Coordinator will be Ebbie. (Bummer-I had already talked to a Grace several times and she was hoping to get assigned as our FC). Oh well. I just want to be doing something right now.

I love the site I have become addicted to reading all the journey to China stories. I just keep dreaming of the day I can travel to China to get our daughter.

Morgan is finally calming down some. The first couple days after we told her the news she would break down and cry. She is so excited that the thought of waiting a year to see her sister was almost more than she can bear. We keep throwing out names for our new little one. Yesterday she said "I wish you guys would hurry up and pick out a name already. That way we don't have to keep saying....the baby or the kid." She is so funny.

I got the Chinese baby booties I ordered. I think I am going to send them out to mom tomorrow. I made up a little poem for the Grandparents to announce our plans. I am going to put it in with the booties and see if my mom can figure it out. Grandpa Yoder will find out on Christmas as will Jon and Lisa. Mike thinks I should wait until we go out to Iowa to tell mom but I can't wait that long. I think she will be excited. She has been to China and I think she has a special place in her heart for the Chinese people. Little did she know she was gonna be the Grandma of one someday.

Well I am going to go read somemore China Journals.

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Rayetta said...

I finally got into the website to catch up on your journey to getting my new granddaughter. After reading your posting, Rachel, I sat here with tears in my eyes. Will this little girl ever understand the passion and persistence that you have for her? I hope you will keep this journal for our little girl. When she is a teenager and wondering about her biological parents, then she will want to read about God's hand in selecting her new family in the USA.

I would also like to see comments from Mike, Evan and Katie in this journal. What are their thoughts and feelings?

Morgan and I have been praying that our little girl was actually born on January 7th. That will be an important date for the two of us. Since it is your birthday, Rachel, it will also be a confirmation of the special girl that God has selected for us. We have even prayed for her personality.

By the way, I am really impressed with the poem that you wrote. I thought it was a poem that the adoption agency gave you. Maybe you should submit it to them. It was really good!

I love you all so much and needless to say we are very excited for all of you.

Grandma Rayetta

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