Monday, February 14, 2005

Still hanging on

Not much to update. We are still waiting for our fingerprint appointment. It should be coming any day now. They said 3 weeks after they received our homestudy that we would have our fingerprint appointment. I was really hoping that meant we would be getting fingerprinted in 3 weeks. I guess they meant we would get our letter with our appointment date in 3 weeks. They have had our homestudy for two weeks today and we have heard nothing. I just hope they don't set up our appointment during the time Mike and I will be in Cancun.

I am getting antsy to start moving the kids around in their rooms so I can start decorating "her" room. I know it seems early but I would like to do this for several reasons. 1. It will give me something productive to do. 2. I won't be shopping out of boredom. 3. I have lots to do in that room-carpet, paint, trim, decorating, organizing. (That doesn't include moving Mike's stuff out of the spare room, Evan to his new room, Katie to Evan's room & Morgan to Katie's.) 4. I will have a place to store all of the stuff I have bought. 5. I will have a place to go when I want to think about "her".

Well I am pretty sure we have a name for "her" but I am not sharing yet. Everytime I/We throw out a name someone says "yuck". So for now we aren't saying.

Well that's all for now. Hopefully the next time I post I will have USCIS & fingerprint info.


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