Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My next baby is growing up

I have one off to college with the second one close at his heels. My daughter Katie is about ready to graduate and in a few short months head off to college. Right now she is planning to pursue Pharmacy. She just had her senior pictures taken this weekend and now we have a disc of 109 pictures that we need to narrow down to about 5! This is not gonna be easy. Here are a few of MY favorites....(which aren't necessarily her favorites or her fathers....**sigh**)


Lee-Anne said...

She is gorgeous! A friend of mine is doing Pharmacy and loves it! I'm sure she'll be great at whatever she pursues! Thanks for sharing!

Lee-Anne said...

Got your package today! THANK YOU! Check your yahoo email. Your verzion one came back to me?

Catherine said...

What a beautiful girl! Ugh...gonna be hard making your choices with so many great ones to choose from!