Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Crud! I have been tagged by my cyber buddy Lee-Anne from Australia. That means I have to list 6 weird or unknown things about myself. Shouldn't be too hard since I am pretty weird.

1. I hate onions. Can't stand them. Don't like them raw or cooked in anything. Will pick them out or skip whatever dish they are in. Can smell them a mile away. YUCK. But- I like onion rings.

2. I have two great fears. I am scared of heights. Not "I hate flying" scared but don't put me on a ladder, in a hay mow, on a roof, on a water slide etc. scared. I also hate snakes. Can't stand the creatures. Who knew the property we bought 4 years ago with a woods, pond and creek would be a haven for snakes-DUH YOU IDIOT! Okay, okay I am a blonde-naturally and clear to the root.

3. I LOVE roller coasters. The bigger the better. See part a of #2. Does this make any sense?

4. I am a steak and potato girl. Should have been born a man. Skip the veggies. Bring me a big old steak-medium rare and we are good to go. Yum!

5. I used to raise sheep. When I was a kid I raised sheep. Then while raising my two older kids we raised sheep for 4-H. There was more than once that I had to help deliver lambs and had my hands and arms inside a ewe trying to help pull her lamb out. So, blood and ooze and other fluids do not bother me in the least. Bring it on.

6. Found out with my third child that my uterus had a wall dividing it. Probably the reason why my first child was 10 weeks premature. My third was a C-section and that was when the doctor discovered it. So we concluded that one side of the wall was the 3 pound side (size of my son when born) and the other side was the 6 lb. 12 oz. side because both of my daughters weighed the exact same amount and were both 18 inches long.

There ya go. 6 odd facts about me. Now to make it cute here are a couple pics....

PS: Lee-Anne -your package is going out tomorrow so save room for my quilt square. :)

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Lee-Anne said...

Woo hoo! Bring on those quilt squares - haven't counted this week, but reckon I've cracked the 60 mark!!! I didn't think your things were that weird - a little grosse maybe, but not as weird as some others I've read!!!
Thanks for sharing (specially the gorgeous day - they'll be some on my day!)