Thursday, August 17, 2006

First Day of School....Back to Work

Yesterday was the first day of school. Morgan is now a fifth grader. It was also my first day back to work. I was ready. I got a new bus this year. YEAH! The day before school started I finally found a babysitter for Olivia too. LOL-nothing like waiting until the last minute to arrange childcare, huh? Funny thing was, I was not even stressed about it. I had some temporary care set up but I must have known that God had it all under control. She will be going just a few houses up the road from us and staying with a couple that are "grandparents" and are going to be babysitting for just a small handful of children. She will only be there 3 hours a day.

Last weekend was my 20th class reunion. UGH! It is hard to believe that I have been out of school longer than I was in school.

This weekend Evan and Katie both leave for college. Evan will only be 50 minutes from home but we leave on Sunday to move Katie about 4 hours from home. I am excited for her but I am really going to miss her. I think she is really starting to get nervous.

After we get back from taking Kate down to IU I got a summons for Jury Duty. Now, I have never had to do jury duty before and I think it would even be interesting to do. BUT, this is a really bad time. Our school had 7 bus drivers quit this summer and they are still 3 drivers short, so this is a bad time for me to have to take off for jury duty. Hopefully I will be able to get out of it. Right now I would rather be driving my bus. They can call me up again in January when I am really sick of all the kids and would like to have some time off. ;)

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