Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Member

While at the fair this year, one of the booths in the commercial building was the Humane Shelter. Morgan loved looking at the pictures of the animals in this booth and fell in love with a dog named Riley. She was a black lab. Well, she started in on mom and dad. Dad caved first (took very little work cause dad loves labs). We ended up at the Humane Shelter filling out an application for Riley and found out someone already had a hold on Riley and a couple days later found out that the family did indeed want Riley. Morgan was heartbroken, but decided she had 3/4 of the battle won because she had gotten mom and dad to agree to begin with so all we had to do was find another dog. We found another older, housebroken, somewhat trained lab in South Bend at another shelter. They said we could come and look at her that day and since we were approved at one shelter we could even take her home that same day if we liked her. End of story...Morgan liked her.... meet Sadie....


Jenny said...

now she gets to keep this pet right? She isn't selling it next year at the fair? What a great way to mend a broken heart. She looks like a sweet dog. Glad to see you didn't go home from the fair pet-less!
Jenny V

Tonia said...

AWWWW, welcome home Sadie!!! Just look at that face!!!