Saturday, November 04, 2006


I could just cry! I had decided to try to grow Livi's bangs out. Now this is a pretty great feat for me because I hate hair in the face so that means EVERYDAY I have to pull her hair back in something pretty. I was doing a pretty good job. They were down to the bottom of her nose and I could pull them up into most of her ponytails or barrettes. Well somehow, somewhere, sometime this week, SOMEONE got ahold of a pair of scissors......

This is the corrected version AND I had to use hairspray to keep them from standing straight up in the air. (PS: The picture doesn't even show how bad they look)In a matter of seconds 5 months of hard work was WACKED and gone! Just like that. We still have not found the scissors or the pile of hair. GONE the hair is just gone. And I was just getting ready to take her in to get her Christmas picture taken. WHAAAAA! Olivia is my 4th child and not one of my other three cut their own hair! I thought I had just about made it - I was gloating too soon!


Rayetta Fetter said...

I love it! I can remember when my little Rachel decided to do the same thing. It always comes back to get you!!!

I am laughing so hard, the tears are blurring the page as I type this note. At least her hair will grow out again. Maybe another 5 months. Let me know where you find the hair and sissors. Grandma Rayeta

Sheila said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS. I am afraid to laugh because it will come back to haunt me. I, too, have to pull Ava's hair back out of her face every day. Anyway, it doesn't matter if Liv was bald...she is still the most beautiful little girl ever!

Your friends in Ky-
Sheila and Ava

Becky said...

OMGoodness!!! She looks cute! I hope you post if/where you find the scissors and hair.