Monday, November 20, 2006

Morgan's First Recital

This was a big weekend for Morgan. Big birthday party and her first piano recital. She has only been taking lessons for about 2 1/2 months and she already had her first recital. Here she is playing a duet with her piano teacher. She did very well. She played The Happy Song, Hark, The Herald Angels Sing and Yankee Doodle.
Well Done Morgan!


Rayetta Fetter said...

It is always a pleasure to see what is happening in your home.
Thanks, Rachel for the pictues and updates.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet girl. But why on EARTH would anyone put earrings on such a young child. It looks terrible, flashy and cheap.
They are dangerous too as a kid can so easily cath the clasp and split their ear while playing.
I find it hard to understand why any Mom or Dad would let their kid be at risk like this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah- I echo that. Sich a sweet girl but why do parents want to make mini me's from their babies- Mom is clearly none too clever with a curl iron so she should be ectra careful!