Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Prep

UGH! Time is just flying by! I cannot believe I have taken two weeks to post again. We have been busy with Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, and Christmas shopping. Today we are in the middle of a snow "advisory" and predicted to get about 8 inches of snow. Whoo Hoo! Bring it on!

The day we decorated for Christmas Olivia was taking her nap and when she got up Morgan and I were in the middle of putting up the decorations. Livi kept walking around the house saying "Wow! Cool!" She walked up to a Santa that is about the same size she is and was watching him move. She looked over at me and and said "Touch?" I said "NO, just look." She nodded "Okay". And that was it. She hasn't touched him yet. I am amazed. I figured we would be following the little tornado around picking up decorations for a month. She did help us decorate the tree and was very proud of herself. The only problem is, she touched those decorations to decorate the tree, so she thinks those are okay to play with. The other day I found some of her toys hidden in the tree. What a goof ball!

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Lee-Anne said...

Oh man! She is just too cute for words!!! And she's obedient?!!! Love the pic of Morgan & Liv decorating together! Cute!

Hey is that Tim the Toolman on TV?!!