Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas 2006

UGH! I have been trying to make a Christmas post for a week now, but my Internet has been acting up and I have been having a horrible time with it. I keep losing everything I type. So, if this works, here is a quick update.

Christmas 2006 was wonderful. It was our first Christmas with Livi and her first Christmas celebration ever despite the fact that she is 2 ½. She had so much fun helping pass out Christmas gifts to everyone. Then when she was handed a gift, she would point to herself and say “For Ni-ni?” in total disbelief. Once we reassured her that yes, the gift was in fact for her, she would promptly sit down and have the paper ripped off in no time and ooo and awww over her new treasure. It made no difference if it was a toy or clothes. She was happy with both.

Both Morgan and Livi have been in heaven the last three weeks having big sis Katie and big bro Evan home from college too. They both start back next week so their visit is about to end and things should quiet down to normal here again.

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Lee-Anne said...

The look on Liv's face, priceless!