Friday, January 05, 2007

One year ago....

One year ago today ( ) we saw Olivia's face for the very first time. Oh what a stressful day that was. Referrals were delayed and late because of a mix up with DHL. Our agency normal got their packages by 10:00 AM and by 2:00 we had the news that DHL had the packages but would not be delivering them that day. I had to leave for my bus route and after being a basket case all day I was not a happy person and very miserable. After my elementary route I got a call on my cell phone from one of my travel mates yelling "Did you hear!!! DHL made a special trip and made the delivery today!!! The agency has our babies!!!" I could hardly drive my next route. I was a mess. By the time I got home my daughter Morgan was dancing around the house screaming "They called! They called! I told them to call you back at 4:00." We waited until 4:30 and then I called them. That was when Ebbie (not my family coordinator-mine was on Christmas vacation in California) started giving me the information on Yang Guo Guan. I know I have posted here before my disappointment of that day when we found out how old she was and all, but, the next two hours was torture waiting for her picture to come up on our computer. I thought they had forgotten to email us her picture and went home for the day. I remember when they finally came through all of us ooohhhing and awwwing and thinking how sweet she looked (even though Katie said-she has a big forehead-and Michael said she has big ears). I remember thinking that her little mouth had a turned down, sad look to it. Funny, cause now we never notice that.


Becky said...


Congrats on your referral anniversary! Olivia is just beautiful!


Lee-Anne said...

One year! Boy oh Boy, that's gone fast! Well, it's seems fast for your situation, but long for mine!!!