Friday, February 23, 2007

Newfound picture of Livi

I belong to a yahoo group that is made up of families that have adopted from or are in the process of adopting from Olivia's orphanage. There is a really neat woman (LeeAnn) on this list that has adopted from Guilin and is in China NOW adopting a son from a different orphange. She is however the coordinator for the foster families for Olivia's orphanage so she is visiting Guilin first. She was there in May of 2005 (Livi was just turning one that month) and she took a bunch of pictures of the kids that were there. She just recently posted these pictures on the group for all of us to look though. I was clicking quickly through the pictures ooohing and aahing over the cute kids not expecting to see anyone I knew.I opened this picture and my heart did a double beat. I quickly grabbed the couple other pictures I have of Livi close to this age and I am 99% positive it is Olivia. I emailed LeeAnn, and she even remembers Olivia. She said she was in the baby room and was being moved to the toddler room the next day. She said she was quiet but VERY observant to everything and everyone. It just seems so surreal to me to find this picture and then to chat with someone who got to meet Livi 10 months before we did!


Lee-Anne said...

She looks as cute as ever! Isn't it amazing to think that someone you can talk to, met your baby girl that far before you did!!! She must be an awesome lady... she has a really cool name!!! *hehehe*!

Great new look to the blog, BTW!

my3 kids said...

Rachel, I am not sure I have signed your blog before but I wanted to tell you we really enjoy following along as Livi grows. We also have a 2 year old adopted from China and they sure keep you busy don't they?! So much fun to watch them learn and grow. Anyway I wanted to say how special it is that you received this picture of Livi when she was so much younger. I belong to our SWI yahoo group and I keep hoping that one day someone will post pictures from their time there and I will see my little one. It's so exciting for us to find another piece of their life that we may not have had. This is very exciting for you. Livi is just beautiful btw. Will keep following along.....Janice mom to 3