Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In the air at last....

WOW! What a special brother Morgan has. Morgan has had one big complaint for the last several years. She has never been on a plane before. The rest of the family has flown before at one time or another. Even Olivia has been on a plane! Now this is not a big deal. I mean I had never flown before I was in my 20's but it has really bothered Morgan.

This year for her birthday her big brother called to wish her a happy birthday. Then he told her that her present from him this year would be a plane ride! I am not sure if she really believed him. One of Evan's best friends is a pilot and had offered to take her up when he found out that she had never flown before.

So, Evan rented a little four seater and she got to pick a friend to take with her. They were up for about a half hour. They flew over our house (Evan called us right before they flew over so we could go out and watch them). They flew over her school and some other points of interest that she would recognize. She even got to fly the plane for a little bit. She was so excited! When she came home she told us that she wasn't scared at all. They only got a couple pictures but I don't have them yet.


OziMum said...

Wow! What a sweetheart Evan is!

Rebecca said...

Oh fun!!!! :) My brother's wife is a pilot, and she took us and the girls up for a spin one day... Loren wasn't crazy about it, she's scared of heights, but the rest of us had a blast!!