Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lock the house we have a 12 year old....

Morgan turned 12 yesterday. Oh what a tough age. Not a little kid anymore, but not yet a teenager. She is so grown up though. She decided to forgo the big birthday party and just a few friends over for a slumber party. She also requested that instead of birthday gifts that her friends bring dog and cat food to donate to the humane shelter. We then made a trip to the humane shelter so they girls could be part of the donating.

Mike and I did get Morgan a Nintendo DS and a couple games for her birthday.

Olivia enjoying cake.

Morgan and her best friends...the twins.

Morgan and Lexi in a serious chess game.

The whole gang.......Lexi...............Morgan.....Janelle.......Kelsey and Sarah


Rebecca said...

What a cute bunch!! :) Looks like a fun party (and so sweet that she wanted to donate food, in lieu of gifts!)


Julia said...

Happy Birthday Kiddo. Hope you had Fun.

The Trawick Clan

vivacemusica said...

Wow! Made me smile to read about your family. You are all so blessed to have each other.

OziMum said...

Morgan has a heart of gold! What a gorgeous thing to do, to forgo gifts so the animals can eat - wow!

Morgan is a lovely young lady, and vivacemusica is right - you are a very blessed family to have each other!

Happy Birthday Morgan!