Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Preschool Fun

I was the "helper mom" today at Olivia's preschool. I decided to take along my camera and try to catch some school action.

I really need to get a new camera. Mine takes some really crappy pictures. But here they are no less.

She headed right to the reading loft.

Then it was on to the "Snow pit"

Don't forget snack time.

I can't post the circle time pics because I don't know how to blur out the other faces.

She loves preschool. We are very lucky. We live near a really small town. There are 3 preschool's available. We take her to our old church. There are 18 kids in her class and three teachers. In her class their is one other Chinese girl (adopted also) and also a hispanic girl, a black/asian girl and a bi-racial boy (also adopted). I love the fact that there is some diversity in her class. She is still the smallest kid in her class (I think she comes up to the bottom of the chin of most of the kids) but she doesn't care because she is mighty. She has learned colors, shapes, how to write (trace) her name and this month they are learning their numbers. I hope once we move we can find another program similar to this one. She is going to miss all her "fweinds" very much.

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OziMum said...

Her preschool sounds fantastic! Harry & Mikayla's preschool's had about 40 kids, 3 teachers, and 2 teachers aids (not qualified)... bit sad, eh?!

I loved helping out - I did cooking a couple of times with Harry, and lucky me, scored all the boys with some sort of "issue"!! Even the teacher was surprised I got them all in the same group!!! Only one kid burnt his hand on the frypan! I survived.