Friday, January 25, 2008

Expensive Week

So this last weekend Mike was "surfing on the net" and showed me a picture of a gun. (He is a hunter and also loves to target practice with his guns). He said, "If you need an idea for Father's Day you can get me this." I told him if he really wanted it to just buy it. (He hardly ever buys things for himself that is not a neccessity.) Well he ordered it. Hmmm, didn't think he was THAT serious about wanting to get it, but oh well. So, come Tuesday and my computer is REALLY acting up. It had been infected with spyware for about 3 weeks and just kept getting worse. It also had an overheating problem. I called my computer guys and they said for $50-$75 they could take off the spyware, but they have worked on the overheating problem and there was nothing more they could do. I called Mike and asked him "Since you are getting a new gun and my computer is 5 1/2 years old, can I get a new computer? The computer guys will build me one for $500." He gave me the go ahead to get a new computer....I am so glad I told him he could buy his gun. :) Well I ordered my computer and about a half hour later I look at the TV to see what was on and low and behold it is black. There is sound coming out, but no picture. Now this dumb TV is ONLY 3 years old. About 6 months ago we had an isssue. When I turned it on it was black, there was a loud pop sound and then slowly the picture came back on. I knew we were probably on borrowed time, but was holding out hope we would get moved before we had to invest in a new TV. SO, I made another call to Mike and started crying that we had just gotten another $$$ hit and that I would not have ordered my new computer if I knew the TV was going to go out. Needless to say he told me to go TV shopping and gave me a budget to stick within. So, that night I went shopping and got a new 37" LCD HD TV. I even only spent $800 and stayed below our budget. The new TV comes tonight, I got my computer yesterday, the gun comes next week.

*Happy Anniversary Honey! Let's take a cruise next time!!!

*Today is our 22nd anniversary.


OziMum said...

Happy Anniversary!

You know nothing else will breakdown, coz it always happens in 3s?!!

Your new computer and tv sounds fantastic... I'll give the gun a miss tho!

my3 kids said...

Happy Anniversary and I hope you get your cruise next cute!