Saturday, February 02, 2008

Buried under snow.....again

Well we were hit with another snow storm yesterday. We got about 10 inches of snow. No school for the second time this week. This has been one of the hardest winter's I remember. Snow, ice, flooding, and thunderstorms. Yep on Tuesday night we had a thunderstorm. Right after the storm there was a flash freeze. The temperature dropped 30 degrees in just a couple hours. It is just crazy.

For the last two weeks I have been stripping wallpaper and borders and painting my bathroom and bedroom. It has been a good cold weather project. I am trying to do anything cheap that I can to improve our house so if we ever get a showing again, it might sell. :)


OziMum said...

So, no luck with the sale? Bummer. Is it still on the market? I guess people aren't keen to go house hunting in the snow, so you've got a couple of months up your sleeve to get your improvements done!

I've got the itch to move! We totally renovated and extended our house 2 years ago - but there's always a few "touch ups" that need to be done... a house is never finished!!! Have you seen that movie Money Pit? I love it! Its so true!!!

Rebecca said...


Oh, you guys!! Ugh.

We may be putting ours up on the market here soon, too. Then we can commiserate about our houses that won't sell. :(