Friday, February 15, 2008

Workin' and Workin'

Well, this week Mike got laid off. This is not a bad thing. They just ran out of equipment to work on in the shop so they said take some time off. He came home Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning I had given him the dreaded "honey-do" list. He was less than thrilled, but he knew it was coming.

I have added two more rooms on the list that need to be painted. Morgan's room is a custom painted room. When she got her new bedspread last year we had paint matched to the vibrant pink. It is pretty wild, unfortunately it is not a great color when you are trying to sell. So, I told her we were going to paint at least three of the walls a neutral color and keep the pink for an accent wall. Our dining room really needs some updated fresh paint to it. The problem is we had some cracking in the ceiling corners. That was Mike's first project. The has removed all the old drywall tape and is in the process of re-taping. Our biggest problem will now be trying to match the texture on the ceiling and walls.

I have also been watching lots of designing shows and shows on selling your house, so I am going through and re staging and cleaning out more of our stuff.

The good thing is that Olivia is gone for at least four days down to see her sister in Bloomington. I will actually get to sleep in tomorrow morning and won't wake up to a pair of eyes staring at me at my bedside at 7:00 AM. :)

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Rebecca said...

Fun fun!! Well, I'm glad Mike getting laid off has not been ALL bad... is he enjoying his list of projects?? :)

How is all that painting coming? I have some repair work to do too, before we sell... seems like it is always something. Maybe we'll buy a condo instead of a house. :)